Story Games

Story Games is probably some of the most fun you can have on the internet. There are hundreds of games that all have a great story behind them, but what if you could find a game that combines some of your favorite types of games into one? This is entirely possible with the many different narrative game options you have on the market today. You can play adventure, simulation, and a variety of other single player games with this option. Here is a list of some of the best PS4 single players for your enjoyment.

Everybody has heard of Gone Home, Fahrenheit, or even Limbo. These are some of the best PS4 narrative games available right now. All of these games come with different endings and are best played singly, or with friends. Your choices in conversations and other interactions will have different endings depending on who you play the character against. You can even go through the game without knowing anything about the plot or what the story is about, as the different endings will give you enough content to fill multiple games!

The Banner’s Down game puts players into the shoes of a general on a mission. You have a variety of missions to complete, and must carry out your orders while avoiding your enemy. The controls are simple, but the graphics are quite nice and visually appealing. Some of the missions require platforming, which really adds an extra element to the gameplay. However, the overall goal of the game isn’t really given much attention. That said, it is still a fantastic game to play and provides you with hours of great narrative gaming.

Another fantastic game that is well worth the money is Need for Speed. Developed by the now-famous developer Codemasters, Need for Speed: Gold Edition features the most advanced visuals ever seen on consoles. You can take on the role of a bounty hunter trying to complete jobs and missions, while also upgrading your vehicle and fighting with rival criminal organizations. It truly showcases how far the narrative game design has come since the original Need for Speed game on the Sega Genesis. There are a number of challenges and achievements to achieve, which make this game well worth the money spent.

One of the more recent releases to the narrative gaming scene is Tomb Raider Anniversary. After the award-winning Anniversary Edition, Tomb Raider Anniversary is now a highly-anticipated entry into the series. Using the same gameplay mechanics as the first game in the series, Tomb Raider Anniversary uses the technology of Unreal Engine to provide you with an experience like few other narrative games can offer. While it does contain some of the same challenges that the older entries offer, the overall emphasis is on improved storytelling and more engaging gameplay.

When it comes to narrative games, many people think they are all about shooting and rescuing survivors, but there are actually a lot of choices you can make in the game that can significantly alter the outcome. These choices have been made even more rewarding by the fact that each level is able to feature the most powerful weapons, vehicles, and enhancements available. Using your decisions wisely can net you points and unlock secrets that can further advance your character. No matter what type of narrative airplane game you are looking for, from airplane combat to an escape in an airplane, the choices you make in the game can be one of the most important factors in the experience.