Princess Games

Princess games is an exciting collection of eight-bit widescreen animated fantasy role playing video games for PC and handheld devices. Play as your favorite princesses and make your own tale with this charming set of princesses role play games. Your princess is waiting to see you, but first…get yourself some snacks, drinks, and paper towels. It’s time to party! Let’s get going!

Dress up your princess in some classic attire; a glittery purple dress, sparkling tiara and glittery purple lipstick. If you want to add a little more bling into your wardrobe, get your knight in shining armor and dress him up in a suit of shiny black satin. There are tons of free princess games available online to choose from that allow girls to dress up their favorite characters in different ways.

Some of the best 10 princess games available on mobile device include: Dress up Princess, Mahjong Princess, Cooking Prince, Love Tarzan, Bubble Bath Panic, Match the Moon, Back Splash, Ice Skates, Fairy Dust, Brats Can Be Sprinkled With Snow, Barbie Dress up, Brats With Attitudes, Princess Cutie Pie, Princess Tail and many more. These apps require girls to access the internet on their devices. Once they have connected, they can start playing any of the games in the list. These free apps were designed by talented kids and they are fun for girls of all ages. Some of the best ones include:

The free dress up princess games let girls change their favorite characters’ looks with a few clicks of the mouse. Dress up princesses from Disney’s latest animated feature “The Princess and the Frog” in shimmery dresses and shimmery high heels. Other popular dresses include those from the all time favorite movie “Cars” and the live action TV series “Sonic and the Secret Kingdom”. In addition, you can change your pets’ appearances in some of these apps as well. Some of the popular pet dress up games include: Pets Can be Fashionable and Pet Mates.

On the other hand, if you want to treat little girls to some live action and magic, why not consider the following two popular princess party games: Cinderella and Jasmine Chase: An Electronic Game Solution! Cinderella is a turn-based strategy game where you must help Cinderella escape from the clutches of the evil Kingpins. Your goal is to save the mystical kingdom of Disney and find your way through the many levels. Meanwhile, Jasmine, the young Egyptian princess, must find her way through all the levels and win the prince’s heart using her magical powers.

When it comes to dress up, free princess games dress up princesses in the most delightful styles that will surely captivate your children’s eyes and heart. While these free games are certainly enjoyable and provide entertainment, they are also educational at the same time. It will allow your kids to enhance their visual and intellectual skills through the use of pattern recognition, color recognition, pattern analysis, pattern synthesis, word recognition, number skills and more. Through the Princess Dress Up Games, your kids will learn how to make an outfit look perfect without having to spend a fortune.