Point And Click Games

Have you ever played a point and click game? If so, then you have enjoyed many hours of interesting and fulfilling gaming. While many point and click games are more based on puzzle solving than skill, many examples of point and click games are available here to help stimulate your mind. You may even find your mind start to speed up and problem solving skills!

The point and click games are classified as either narrative, tactical, or visual novels. In narrative point and click games the player must make decisions to complete quests and interact with characters. In tactical games the player must make choices on the fly during gameplay and often must rely on a series of graphs, charts, and lists to make critical decisions during gameplay.

Point and click adventure games created by hybrid multimedia genres are a subgenre of narrative. This point and click adventure games create an atmosphere of exploration, mystery, and adventure based on real life events. Often these games feature a strong plot, creative writing, and outstanding graphics. These visual novels often take place in mysterious locales with unique artifacts for players to collect or unlock as they explore. Some point and click games created this way have become famous, spawning sequels and fan projects such as video games, TV shows, and a movie franchise.

Point and click adventure games fall into the graphic-adventure genre. These are often very action oriented, although some are purely narrative. They generally follow a main plot, but oftentimes those plots are secondary to other characters, the story, or events that occur around the main plot. These adventure games frequently feature characters that are unique to the game world, but often share common traits with other characters. This allows for a great deal of character development, providing for engrossing and interesting gaming.

In order to play many of these adventure games, a player must be familiar with a basic format for creating them. Typically, adventure games begin with a storyline, a series of scenes, a variety of puzzles, and a few basic items or skills that the player must acquire throughout the game. As each scene in the game is complete, the game ends and the player must decide whether or not they will proceed to the next scene. This decisions can include solving puzzles, acquiring new skills or items, or pursuing other objectives. Sometimes the player will be forced to make a decision under circumstances that do not align with the main plot of the story, and these situations may include fighting monsters, avoiding obstacles, or using time constraints to reach a particular goal.

The text Parser genre of adventure game includes genres that combine adventure with puzzle solving, including literal text adventures, which utilize a quest giver, and visual novel style text adventures, which employ text based puzzles and action. The textparser is a subset of the genre of narrative adventure, and includes titles like Hyperlight adventurer, wherein the player guides a character through an entire adventure, while the heroine fights enemies and the quest giver, and some MUDs (Multi User Virtual Environment) titles that are set in a non linear environment, where the action is entirely driven by the player. The text Parser sub-genre of adventure gaming incorporates a wide range of formats, and a text adventure game could contain text, graphics, music, and even video depending on its specific purpose. One can find many text adventures online today where the player interacts with both text and graphics, as well as user generated content. Some of the most popular text adventures are the Star Trek ones that use a Captain Kirk figure to provide text information, and the Lord of the Rings quests that use the world map as a map of Middle Earth, while active puzzles make up a large part of some of the text based titles. Adventure gaming is a fun and exciting sub-genre that has continued to grow over the years, and with the use of the World Wide Web it has expanded even further.