Kissing Games

Kissing games are interesting activities and games which involve kissing, which is quite a normal activity for most people. They may be played with single people, or between couples. Some can even be played by just two individuals, though they usually have few restrictions and are mostly played in couples groups. The intimacy level involved can range from fast pecks on the lips or tongues to full making out sessions with tongues touching and mouth colliding. There are many varieties of these games available in the market today, all of which are free and easy to download. Here are a few examples.

Bottle Kissing: In this game, you and your partner are given a glass bottle that is covered with a label. You must then attempt to drink from the bottle with your lips, without letting the liquid spill onto the label. The bottle can spin too, but if it does, you lose.

Water Kissing: This one of the most common forms of kissing games involves making out by dunking your face in a bowl of cold water with your partners’ faces facing you. Again, there is no rule which says how long you must make out in the water. As soon as you are done, you can either splash your face or just rinse it off. The amount of time you spend kissing in the water is measured according to how long you kiss in water.

Spooning: This one of the easiest and most common forms of kissing games involves you and your partner hold up spoons or forks in front of each other, with the spoon or fork in each of your partners’ mouths. You must then move it in such a way that the food or dip falls into your partners’ mouths. You can try varying the position of the spoon or fork, so that you don’t have to keep moving it across your partners’ faces. Sometimes, you can also add a bit of lube to the spoon or fork to increase the sensations.

Bottle Kissing: In this one of the simplest kissing games, you and your partner are given a bottle between you. Place the bottle on your partners’ lips and then place your tongue in their mouth while asking them to put the bottle to your tongue. When your tongue is inside the mouth of your partner, do not take the bottle away until they remove it. After your tongue is inside your partner’s mouth, ask them to move their tongue to your mouth and start kissing you. While you are doing this, tell them that the better kisser they are, the more likely you are to kiss them without the bottle. And, as an added challenge, once you kiss with your tongue inside their mouth and then remove it, tell them that the next time you take the bottle away, you will replace it with your tongue.

All these types of kissing games can help improve your skills when you want to be the better kisser. By learning to avoid getting caught and improving your interpersonal skills, you can learn to kiss like a pro. And, most importantly, you can enjoy yourself while you are practicing, which will definitely make you more confident and happy. And if you get caught, well, at least you will have something to laugh about!